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19.02.2018 Monday 20°C - 30°C Wind: 11 km/h
20.02.2018 Tuesday 20°C - 32°C Wind: 13 km/h
21.02.2018 Wednesday 20°C - 26°C Wind: 19 km/h
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Waterberg Region

Game Drive  - Waterberg (Wel Gewonden)

The needle of the compass shudders as it swivels resolutely south-west to the Waterberg Region - vast, peaceful, incredibly beautiful and more than three million years old. Situated in the magnificent Waterberg Mountain Range.

This region is a harsh but rewarding area of startling beauty, a beauty which lies in its superb vistas, mountain gorges, clear streams and rolling bushveld hills, all rich in indigenous species of plant and animal life - including the 'Big Five'. This is an area where the heat is quenched and aching muscles soothed by the mineral baths of the myriad hot spring resorts.

The Waterberg ('Water Mountain') is a unique wilderness area of South Africa yet to be fully discovered. One of the country's lesser known geographical wonders and bluish in colour, the range supports a biome spanning over 15.000 km², offering breathtaking valleys far from the madding crowd of the bustling tourist centres.

Waterberg regional news

August 11, 2014

Oppikoppi Music Festival 2014

The 20th Oppikoppi Music Festival took place last weekend (7 - 9 August) in Northam (Waterberg).

Being the biggest musical festival in South Africa it attracted more than 20 000 visitors.

With more than 140 local and international artists it proved to be yet another successful "dusty" event!

Places to visit

Vaalwater Wildlife


Vaalwater is a small town situated on the Mokolo River in the Limpopo province of South Africa.t lies at the southern edge of the rugged Waterberg Massif, which is a biosphere that contains considerable biodiversity, including numerous large mammals including some of the "Big 5".