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Speaking notes for LTA Board Chairperson at the media Launch of Tour de Limpopo

February 6, 2018

Deputy Chairperson of the Board, Ambassador Moses Chikane and all members of the Board present
CEO of LTA, Ms. Nomasonto Ndlovu and members of the Executive Management Present
Delegation from our partners, Cycling South Africa, led by the President, Mr. William Newman and General Manager Mr. Mike Bradley and the team
All Government officials present
Members of the media, Ladies and gentlemen,

  • It is now almost two years since we launched and started rolling out our new marketing strategy in line with the new mandate of the entity. This we did with one purpose of galvanising our people in the province in particular and the country in general to start taking tourism seriously thereby making tourism part of their planning. 
  • Limpopo Tourism Agency (LTA) recently embarked on a vigorous brand positioning campaign with the objective of creating awareness about the new responsibility of the entity as enshrined in Limpopo Tourism Act No. 2 of 2009.
  • The Agency is furthermore bound by the EXCO Resolution 07 of 2015/2016 that provided for the transfer of the tourism product development and hospitality function performed by Limpopo Wildlife Resorts (LWR), as well as the affected staff to Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) with effect from the 1st April 2016. It furthermore provided for the revision of Limpopo Tourism Act of 2009 to ensure the exclusion of the above, as well related functions covered within the National Environmental Protected Areas Act (NAMPAA) No. 57 0f 2003. 
  • LTA is charged with a daunting responsibility of ensuring participation of all people in the tourism Industry. To this end we are obliged to utilize events such as Tour de Limpopo to attract people to our Province. This is an emphasis of the narrative that “Tourism is everybody’s business”.
  • This will continue to boost our tourism potential and growth given our landscape and scenic beauty of the province. It is my hope that none of you can deny the fact that adventure tourism is another fast growing segment in Limpopo Province. Cycling attracts high volumes of cyclists for mountain biking and 4x4 off road enthusiasts from all over South Africa and beyond.
  • This resonates with LTA’s Marketing Strategy, particularly with regard to tourism special interest cluster that encapsulates cycling. Because of the scenic beauty provided by topography, the province continues to attract a lot of adventure tourists which adds to the province’s tourism growth.  
  • To date the province has seen an increase in a number of adventure activities like cycling and 4X4 off road because of the inviting terrain conducive to these activities.
  • It must be reported ladies and gentlemen, that during cycling events we hosted, formalized accommodation sector in and along the towns where these events are hosted always reported full occupancy. 
  • I have no doubt in my mind that this event, will benefit the tourism sector as a whole and small medium and micro enterprises (SMME’s) who are new entrants in the tourism industry. The purpose for LTA to participate in this partnership is to ensure that tourism grows and benefits small players in the process.
  • The partnership will also see skills transfer in the cycling business value chain to have bicycle mechanics and cyclists emerging from the formerly disadvantaged communities 
  • The Agency will evaluate the event’s impact in promoting domestic and adventure tourism but also to have the social and economic impact at all the areas along the route of the race.
  • We wish to encourage spectators and cyclists alike to visit nearby tourism attractions such as: Bakoni Malapa Open Museum, attractions along Magoebaskloof, Debengeni Falls, Sunland Boabab, Modjadji Traditional Kraal, Modjadji Cycad Forest and many more.
  • We have vowed to make Tour de Limpopo an annual event over the next three years but most importantly, we want to see it grow for the people this Province to benefit, while participants and their families also gain from the tourism offerings. 
  • We wish to encourage all the cyclists participating in this event to visit the province again for leisure during their holidays as there is More to Enjoy in Limpopo.

I thank you.